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Video Competition 09 - Winners Announcement!

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Dear Community Members!

The exciting Video Competition 2009 is now over. We have felt honored to see how much work you have put into these videos, so thank you very much for the effort!

As you remember there were two categories in the competition, a Public Favorite category for the best YouTube rated video and a Genelec Favorite category for our selection. The prizes for the winning videos are a Genelec stereo system consisting of 2x 8020B + 7050B and a 5.1 system featuring 5x 6010A + 5040A. The Public winner can decide which system he prefers and Genelec favourite then will be awarded the remaining system.

But as a surprise and special recognition award for your efforts, Genelec has decided to give an additional award to one more video, the prize is a pair of 6010A’s!

So, the Winners are: …

The ‘Public Favorite’ Category Winner
The winner of the 'Public Favorite' category - YouTube rating votes on 15th of August 2009 - is:

> Genelec – Looks Good, Sounds Killer < by HiddenDriveways

The ‘Genelec Favorite’ Category Winner
The winner of the 'Genelec Favorite' category is:

> The Genelec Hearing Aid – Comedy < by Workfire

The Jury thought this video looked very professional and presented very well the Genelec design goal for bringing out the "truth" in sound without adding to or removing anything from the reproduced signal. And it was also funny!

The ‘Special Recognition Award’ Winner
The winner of the Genelec ‘Special Recognition Award’ is:

> The Lego Story about Genelec Products < by Motivatti

With so many great entries in the competition, the Jury wanted to reward this great video for the obviously big amount of work and effort put in to the making! The Lego world with Genelec store in it was a great idea and presented a nice set of important features from our product line, especially the DSP models.

All winners will be contacted personally.

Warm congratulations on behalf of all of us at