Genelec Video Competition 2009

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Genelec Video Competition 2009

Postby Christophe Anet on 02 Jun 2009, 07:18

Genelec Video Competition 2009

Genelec is launching a Video Competition open to all Community Members!

There will be two categories, a Public Favorite category and a Genelec Favorite category. The prizes for the winning videos will be a Genelec stereo system consisting of 2x 8020B + 7050B and a 5.1 system featuring 5x 6010A + 5040A.

To read the Video Competition rules and enter the game, you need to be a member of the Genelec Community! The full rules are visible only for registered Community members and they are accessible under the menu 'Video Competition' on our Community home page -

To register now, go to our Community home page and open a Personal User Account.

All participants need to post a link to their YouTube videos in this Forum, so that all entries can be viewed!

Latest News - 3/8/2009

For all of you who are still working hard on your video, editing and shooting, you can still post your video on our competition until the rating date of August 15th! All new entries are welcome!

Good luck and see your video on-line soon!

Genelec Sales & Marketing Team
Christophe Anet
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Re: Genelec Video Competition 2009

Postby Megalomaniac on 24 Jun 2009, 18:26

Genelec 1031A we had setup in the garage of our little forum meet from here in DFW, TX, paired with a JL Audio Phathom subwoofer.

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Re: Genelec Video Competition 2009

Postby motivatti on 02 Jul 2009, 07:54

Genelec Video Competition

My Video

Attila Juhász from Hungary
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Re: Genelec Video Competition 2009

Postby timoB on 03 Jul 2009, 14:20

Here is my very short "TV Ad"-style entry.

Contains about 15 seconds of the Primal Scream song "Kowalski" - which can be later replaced
with something not-copyrighted - since i cant do audio for sh*** :lol:
Genelec 2x 8020A + 5040A
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Re: Genelec Video Competition 2009

Postby Mikkelsson on 16 Jul 2009, 23:38

Here's a short clip called "A One Man Band"..

..Featuring a One Man Band by me! :mrgreen:

The film was recorded at a marketplace at around 11 a.m., and it was funnily quiet at the time. At the end of the recording session when I had been jumping around the stage and carrying pieces of a drum set around for about thirty minutes, people started gathering to wonder what the ... I was doing. No-one wanted to participate in the movie, though.
I was assisted by two people in the filming session and another friend came up with the guitar riff and agreed to play it on tape.
I really started to honor the film-making people, because what had been brainstormed, filmed and recorded in many hours was suddenly condensed into a less-than-a-minute short clip.
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Re: Genelec Video Competition 2009

Postby Katoo on 25 Jul 2009, 01:54

Here is my video:
I decided to go crazy.. ;)

[Kasper Topp - Denmark]
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Re: Genelec Video Competition 2009

Postby maramoottori on 28 Jul 2009, 15:00

"Red leader! I'm going in!" My video available in
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Re: Genelec Video Competition 2009

Postby Mattias_Valenca on 29 Jul 2009, 22:46

Here's my entry for the competition:

Hope you enjoy it! :)

/Mattias Valenca, Sweden
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Re: Genelec Video Competition 2009

Postby Workfire on 31 Jul 2009, 16:35

Hey everyone,
I'm probably not the only one drooling over a set of Genelecs...(no drool emoticon?) :D

The Genelec Hearing Aid:, it's a comedy.
rate if you like it, thanks!

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Re: Genelec Video Competition 2009

Postby jonathan_s on 31 Jul 2009, 22:16

here's me and my friend's contribution for the competition.. he made the video and i the audio, a very effectful video, enjoy! :)

new HQ version of the video:

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