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July 2010

Genelec 8020 – the perfect holiday companion (July Winner)

Genelec user story JulyI was looking for some ultra-portable, high quality speakers to finish off a project whilst on holiday in Greece. I’d heard some Genelec 8020s at a friend’s studio and was very impressed, not only with the sound quality, but also with the size and the absolutely gorgeous looks – all curvy and organic, not a sharp edge in sight. I’d taken my own favourite monitors with me, so I could make some comparisons and really was amazed at the clear, accurate and unhyped sound the little Genelecs produced.

I bought a pair the next day. The monitors are the perfect companion for my Apogee Duet soundcard and MacBook Pro running Logic 9.

It took a little while to convince my wife that I was taking the Genelec/MacBook/Duet combination on holiday with us, but once she’d heard a few of her favourite songs played on iTunes and had seen our two-year-old son thoroughly enjoying a Bob the Builder episode she was happy. The compact 8020s fitted easily into my suitcase, alongside my shorts, T-shirts and a few of my sons soft toys for extra padding.

Once at our villa, I found an ideal spot for my “holiday studio” in a shady spot next to the swimming pool, so if I got too hot, or my ears needed a rest, I could jump in and have a splash around with my family. It was the perfect set-up! (See attached photo of Suzy, my wife and Arthur, my son in the pool with studio set-up).

The project I completed whilst away translated extremely well, far better than I’d expected - I didn’t even need to tweak the bass. My client was really pleased with the results, which paid for the holiday – and my new favourite monitors!

They really are great little monitors. Thanks very much!

Best regards,
Matthew Chedgey, UK
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