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September 2010

Gaming enthusiast’s loyal companions (August winner)

It all started around year ’86, I really got into computer games since a little boy. I have seen this industry developing and growing and games have come so much more realistic during these years.

Nowadays it is really important to hear what is happening around you in the virtual world – especially in online tournaments. One missed cracking sound of a tree branch behind you could mean loss of a match…

I started to plan a hardcore gamers dream set in year 2009. When I was thinking loudspeaker options for the system my cousin recommended Genelecs as they are so versatile and literally working in every environment. I took the tip and set the heading towards next hifi exhibition where Genelec had demo setup.

After hearing 8030’s, I knew why everybody is praising the monitors. First I couldn’t imagine so small size could provide so full-bodied sound. Availability of high quality accessories like mounting brackets also made the decision easy.

I chose smaller 8020’s for surround sound and there is no subwoofer because I am so satisfied in my sets overall performance.
It really makes a big difference to play with good gear – it makes the experience so much deeper, dimensional and realistic.

And best of all the set works perfectly also in a movie use and listening soulful tunes! Whole family has found use for the system: Gaming, watching movies and listening music.

Greetings from Finland,
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