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November 2010

My Genelec monitors survived a bear attack (November Winner)

Genelec 1029AI am from Canada, the province of Ontario. Every summer some buddies and I leave home in southern Ontario to do some hunting and fishing up north. In Canada reindeer are called caribou. We also have moose which you in Finland would love to see.
We were four guys. The trip to Pickle Lake, Ontario was in a large Chevy truck. We told a lot of stories along the way. Around Sudbury I saw what looked to be a moose. From the ‘Nickel Belt’, only 18 more hours to our destination were left.
At morning twilight we arrived. The cabin was small and run-down, but suited us fine. It had been in the family of one of the guys for generations.
On a table, I set up the Genelec 1029A speakers and iPod I brought. The rugged-looking Genelec 1029A were nicely portable and fit the rustic atmosphere of the place. We listened to old Sun Records recordings of Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins.
The Genelec 1029A monitors I bought are made of rugged metal, not plastic; you need that when you’re adventuring. The aluminum enclosure also makes them relatively light and their integrated amplifier makes them convenient. Most importantly though is the sound quality. Other studio monitors may be light and rugged, but they lack the Genelec Sound. Sun Records is famous for their rockabilly recordings recorded in a Memphis, Tennessee studio using a close-mike technique. The result is a dry sound with lots of detail and little feedback from studio room acoustics. The sound is upfront and clear. That is how I would describe the Genelec Sound. The best analogy I can think of is Chet Atkins on guitar. For his style of playing, Chet Atkins was known as Mr. Clean. Genelec is the Mr. Clean of studio monitors.
After 26 hours cramped inside a truck listening to station after station of static-filled AM talk-radio, I was glad that morning to have my iPod music and Genelec speakers. The music of Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins was the best I’d ever heard. Yes, music does sound better with Genelec! Genelec 1029A
Two days later. We left the cabin to go fishing, as we had the day before. Before we would leave, the last person would lift a heavy wooden beam, slightly smaller than a railway tie, and horizontally place across the rickety door. That was sure to keep out the strongest force! The last person would then move a chair to the back window, near the iron stove, and climb out. It was perfect! This time Mike decided he would remain, so we left with him.
Out on the lake the walleye were practically jumping into the boat! It was a beautiful day and when we had kissed our limit, we headed back to the cabin. REMEMBER: Always kiss the fish! Around our cabin were assorted walleye heads, fins and guts discarded from our meals. In the hot summer air it smelt of fish.
Walking back we saw the cabin door ajar, but thought nothing of it. It was when we heard the crashing pots and pans and breaking wood that we knew a bear was inside. Everything was getting smashed...destroyed...demolished in the iron paws of a black bear. Mike then appeared from the woods. Immediately he understood and apologized profusely for having left the door unsecured. But our only concern was the bear.
The fish heads, fins and guts were collected and the heads and tails cut from our catch were added; this would lure the bear. The giant black bear appeared at the door; looking about it twisted its thick neck and left the cabin. We gasped then shouted while banging metal objects a safe distance away. Dave ran into the cabin and grabbed his shotgun but by then the bear was gone.
Inside we saw the refrigerator turned over on its side, the stove dragged off its pipe was tipped forward. The four legs of the table where the Genelec 1029A sat were broken off. On the floor, the Genelec 1029A lay, but barely damaged; a few scratches that paint could cover. The iPod was not to be found; had the bear eaten it? The next day the iPod was found under a cushion the bear had tossed into a corner of the room.
I plugged the iPod into the Genelec 1029A and we listened. The music of Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins was the best we’d ever heard. Yes, music does sound better with Genelec!
John C. Gernowich
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