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March 2011

How Genelec has changed my music perception. (Final winner of 2010)

My Genelec quest started about a year ago. I’ve always been into music for as long as I can remember. With some kind of “absolute hearing”, listening to music, is one thing I just can’t stop enjoying. So in 2009 I decided to sign up for a certification as a Sound Engineer here in Canada. The first morning was a thrill. I’m this small fish in a big pound. I enter the studio and I’m shattered emotionally by all the machines and especially the monitors. So I sit down, and the usual 1st class presentation starts. Why are you here? What’s your background story, etc? Then the real business starts. The teacher says: We’re going to start by listening to this. He puts in a CD of Steely Dan (Two against Nature) and plays it in the Genelec. WOW! I remember having chills and goose bumps instantly. I’ve always known that my ears were my closest and trustiest friend but at that moment, I remember saying to my class neighbour : I’ve discovered music. Obviously I had heard of Steely Dan before, I had the CD at home, but I had never heard it like this.
So the year went by, and I completed my certification. But one problem was clouding my mind: "How will I ever get to work with monitors of lower fidelity than what I’ve been used too for the past 365 days now?"

This is where I went to school (see picture below).
(Genelecs: 1038BEM and a surround 5.1 with: 1038)

I can barely listen to music in my car without being disappointed of the “pureness” of the sound. At one point, I ended up listening to radio shows instead! So I started surfing the Genelec website and began reading about the 2 way monitors, or some kind of more affordable way to get the same “reference” as I had at school. My awnser was there: The 2 way dsp monitors. With minimal acoustic work in my room, I would be able to recreate a really “flat” listening reference spot, almost identical as the one I had worked with at school. About 4 months ago, I purchased a pair of 8250A from a dealer here in Canada. Anxious of setting up everything I finished some acoustic treatments to the room and put the Genelecs in place. In no time the GLM was on and scanning the room. Everything done, monitors tuned, reference level calibrated, it was the moment of truth. I put the same Steely Dan CD I had heard the year before and pressed play. There it was, the goose bumps again. The feeling of listening to music for real, made me sit there for hours. I was more than ready to start recording and mixing.

I just can’t thank you enough (Genelec) for the monitors you have made. It actually helped me continue in music and recording. It is such a pleasure to my ears, I can’t wait to go back at the studio after writing this.

I keep telling my friends that come visit the studio, to bring one CD, the one they cherish the most, the one they know the most by heart, the one they can’t stop listening. Every time I sit them in the “sweetspot”, they all think they have never heard the CD before. They just sit there quietly and amazed by the 8250As.

My ears don’t lie to me, and let me tell you, they LOVE my monitors!

Best regards,
Louis-Gabriel Daigle, Canada.
Proud owner of 8250A
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