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August 2011

The effect of using a table stand on the speaker’s frequency response – Genelec 6010A and 8020A/8020B

Sometimes people ask questions related to accessories, such as: "How does a table stand affect the sound quality of my monitors?" Well, let's see.

We placed the speaker on a large surface with and without the L-shaped Genelec stands and measured these conditions with two models which are most commonly used in the home studio environment, Genelec 6010A and 8020B

Red illustrates the measurement of the 6010A speaker placed on the large surface without a stand and Green shows the improvement in the frequency response after using the table stand (L-shape for 6010A 8010-320B):

Here is another case, 8020B on the table stand (L-shape for 8020A/B 8020-320B) . Color coding is the same to the previous one. As we see the phenomenon is the same in both cases.

Placing the loudspeaker on a large surface such as a table and other furniture causes reflections from the surface, resulting in coloration of the perceived sound in the listening spot such as bass boom, phase cancellations, energy loss and sound coloration in middle frequencies. These cases clearly illustrate the effects of large surfaces in the sound image. Using the L-shaped stands can give you immediate improvements in the frequency range but also they provide more range in adjusting and aiming the speakers towards your listening position.

The L-shaped table stands our now available to order, from your local dealer or from the Genelec webshop

More information about stands and other accessories can be found on Genelec Accessories Catalogue

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