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  • Register your products.
  • Fill in the purchase date correctly.


Standard Genelec product warranty is 2 years. From the 1st of January 2015, as a part of Genelec sustainability program, we provide, for all our registered products (proof of purchase is mandatory), an extended warranty period of 3 years, in addition to the normal 2 years warranty terms.

ALWAYS keep a copy of your receipt of purchase safe. It is the best proof in any warranty situations. You can also print the warranty card from the community.


If you encounter problems in registration of your account or products, please first read the following:

Verification e-mail has not arrived
  • Registration system sends you the verification e-mail, which you need to verify before you can access to your account. If you have not received an e-mail, check
           - is the verification e-mail in junk filter / spam folder? (if using Gmail, Hotmail etc. also check with their web user interface)

           - have you used correct and valid e-mail address? System sends you a real e-mail to make sure the address belongs to you. If you have written a wrong e-mail address then please register again. If you are not sure, you can still try to register with your correct e-mail address.

           - notice that system will not allow already registered e-mail addresses to be used again.

           - Is your mail-box over quota? If your mail-box is full, your e-mail server may no longer accept any incoming e-mails. Please empty your email-box or contact your e-mail provider.

Verification e-mail has arrived

  • but the links do not work
          - Sometimes e-mail programs modify the e-mail messages and break the links in them. You can try to find the website address from message, copy it and paste it to web browser address bar. Proper website address starts with "http://" and ends with your username like "/MyUserName/".
  • I clicked the link but the verification page doesn't open
           - check that your username matches the one in Registration Verification e-mail. Also notice that Username is CaSe sensitive.

           - check that your password is correct. You cannot verify if you do NOT provide a CORRECT password. Check if you wrote the password twice in a row, wrote wrong one and copy-pasted it to fields or had your CAPS LOCK on while typing you password. Password is CaSe sensitive.

           - Please also check that you have used only alphanumeric characters in your password.

           - You can also try Forgot password link after you have verified, or we have manually verified your account.

If you have not completed your registration by verifying your account, you will get 3 reminder e-mails to the e-mail address you have provided. If your account is unverified after 3 reminders, your registration request will be deleted.

If none of these will help you, please send us a message  Make sure you fill in all the registration information which caused unsuccessful results, including your Username, Password, e-mail address, First name, Lastname, Forum nickname, Country and street (postal) address. We will verify your registration manually and get back to you asap.
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