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March 2011
My Genelec quest started about a year ago. I’ve always been into music for as long as I can remember. With some kind of “absolute hearing”, listening to music, is one thing I just can’t stop enjoying. So in 2009 I decided to sign up for a certification as a Sound Engineer here in Canada. The first morning was a thrill. I’m this small fish in a big pound. I enter the studio and I’m shattered emotionally by all the machines and especially the monitors. So I sit down, and the usual 1st class presentation starts. Why are you here? What’s your background story, etc? Then the real business starts. The teacher says: We’re going to start by listening to this. He puts in a CD of Steely Dan (Two against Nature) and plays it in the Genelec. WOW! I remember having chills and goose bumps instantly. More
November 2010
I am from Canada, the province of Ontario. Every summer some buddies and I leave home in southern Ontario to do some hunting and fishing up north. In Canada reindeer are called caribou. We also have moose which you in Finland would love to see.
We were four guys. The trip to Pickle Lake, Ontario was in a large Chevy truck. We told a lot of stories along the way. Around Sudbury I saw what looked to be a moose. From the ‘Nickel Belt’, only 18 more hours to our destination were left.
At morning twilight we arrived. The cabin was small and run-down, but suited us fine. It had been in the family of one of the guys for generations.
On a table, I set up the Genelec 1029A speakers and iPod I brought. The rugged-looking Genelec 1029A were nicely portable and fit the rustic atmosphere of the place. We listened to old Sun Records recordings of Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins. More
October 2010
After some time spent puzzling out where on earth the map was pointing me to, I arrived at the small front door of the studios. After leaving the tube station I’d spent the last 10 minutes traipsing up and down the same 3 streets, narrowly avoiding countless taxis and pushbikes tearing around the roads, whilst looking for my new place of education for the next 10 weeks (well for the next 10 Saturdays anyway). The London Centre of Contemporary Music was where my career in the music industry was going to start, at least that’s what I hoped anyway, and after traveling almost 200 miles on train, foot and tube I was determined to give it my best shot. I was also early, and as it turned out, would be the first student there every day, despite having the farthest to travel...by about 200 miles! More
September 2010
User storyIt all started around year ’86, I really got into computer games since a little boy. I have seen this industry developing and growing and games have come so much more realistic during these years.

Nowadays it is really important to hear what is happening around you in the virtual world – especially in online tournaments. One missed cracking sound of a tree branch behind you could mean loss of a match…

I started to plan a hardcore gamers dream set in year 2009. When I was thinking loudspeaker options for the system my cousin recommended Genelecs as they are so versatile and literally working in every environment. I took the tip and set the heading towards next hifi exhibition where Genelec had demo setup. More
July 2010

Genelec user stories JulyI was looking for some ultra-portable, high quality speakers to finish off a project whilst on holiday in Greece. I’d heard some Genelec 8020s at a friend’s studio and was very impressed, not only with the sound quality, but also with the size and the absolutely gorgeous looks – all curvy and organic, not a sharp edge in sight. I’d taken my own favourite monitors with me, so I could make some comparisons and really was amazed at the clear, accurate and unhyped sound the little Genelecs produced.

I bought a pair the next day. The monitors are the perfect companion for my Apogee Duet soundcard and MacBook Pro running Logic 9.

 It took a little while to convince my wife that I was taking the Genelec/MacBook/Duet combination on holiday with us, but once she’d heard a few of her favourite songs played on iTunes and had seen our two-year-old son thoroughly enjoying a Bob the Builder episode she was happy. The compact 8020s fitted easily into my suitcase, alongside my shorts, T-shirts and a few of my sons soft toys for extra padding.

June 2010
Genelec user stories JuneAbout five years ago, I started looking into the art of composing and mixing electronic dance music on my PC, more specifically within the House and Dance genres. I knew nothing about music theory, equalizing, chords, melodies - and certainly couldn’t play any instrument to speak of.

Without this in mind, I rushed into trying my luck with some simple software that called itself to be a ”loopbased sequencer” which sounded cool, but meant nothing to me at the time. After a few hours of intense guesswork I had produced something that sounded amazingly bad. Frustrated, I shut down the program, threw away the project !le and didn’t put any more time into it for a couple of weeks. More
May 2010
Genelec Community user story winner AprilHi. My name is Matt. I write music and DJ under the Sleeveheads brand and I want to thank Genelec for giving me my creative freedom.

Up until 18 months ago my studio took up a lot of space and collaborating with others relied on them coming to see me.
Because I often find inspiration on holiday, or when I'm with other creative people, I started to consider how I could mobilise my studio. I knew that I wanted a laptop solution and to collaborate using speakers rather than by sharing headphones. After much research, I nervously auctioned my entire studio on eBay and went a different route. More
March 2010
Olly Brunton My name is Olly Brunton and I have been DJing house music for 10 years or so. When the first of my 3 children were born I decided that I would give up the late nights out DJing and instead start producing music so that I could keep up my music interests and maintain daytime family commitments.

To start with I did not place too much emphasis on the quality of my monitor speakers, using a small computer speaker and sub combination. At this time I also began my music label and sell music online. I often would listen to the music of my peers and wonder how they achieved such a rich and full sound, and not being one to consider equipment to be a major factor I continued to improve my skills to compensate. More
February 2010
1038BBostjan Kosir from Ljubljana, Slovenia recalls: I still vividly remember the first time I heard Genelec monitors in a proper installation in a recording studio – it was a breathtaking experience.

But, I am being too quick here. Let us go a few decades back in time into my childhood, when my father played an LP recod to me on his old compact record player – made by Iskra I believe, at that time pretty much the only alternative to hear R'n'R records in Yugoslavia. It was Pink Floyd's Dark side of the Moon LP, a recod that hipnotises me every time I hear it, even today More
January 2010
SelanderJonathan Selander from Göteborg, Sweden explains: Since I was a child, I’ve always been very interested in music. I could listen to almost everything, would it be rock, ethnic, electronic or classical. As long as the music gave rise to some kind of substantial emotion, I enjoyed it. As I grew older, electronic music became the style I listened to the most and at 14 years of age, I started producing my own music. Filled with inspiration both from songs and the fact that my computer was a fully-fledged music machine, I spent almost all of my spare time creating blips and blops. Soon I realised the power of good monitoring. More
October 2009
Nathaniel Raubenheimer S.A.Nathaniel Raubenheimer from Cape Town, South Africa says: "I am an electronic music producer based out of Cape Town, South Africa. I've been producing music for a living now for 7 years.

With my style of music, I often work with in excess of 150 channels of audio at times, with layers of percussion, layered instruments, and tons of fx sounds.

Finding a balance and keeping a mix clean when working like this can be a difficult task and I needed a monitoring solution which allowed me to easily distinguish the sounds and mix them appropriately. More
August 2009
Luke ThompsonLuke Thompson - aka Luke Da Spook - from Auckland, New Zealand tells: the one thing I have noticed since having the pleasure of working with Genelec monitors is how it has changed everything I do when mixing down, it has help immensely with giving me the confidence to master live recordings on a weekly basis with ease. My learning and understanding of the mid range frequencies with these monitors has meant we spent less time experimenting and more time achieving what we set out to do. More
June 2009
Parker studioSteve Parker from U.S.A. recalls: alright, so my friends call me a gear fanatic. Maybe I am. I prefer to refer to myself as a pro audio enthusiast or even more so as a musician. I read the latest blogs and magazine articles and I am up on the latest trends. I'm not rich, but I like my gear and I want to do what I do to the best of my ability. After listening to Genelecs, a whole new world of clarity became apparent to me. I could not believe the difference. I really never thought I was missing that much, but wow was I wrong! More
June 2009
AttilaAttila Juhász from Szerencs, Hungary explains: my name is Attila and I revise the Hungarian folk music in world music style with my band ‘Motiva’.

I have looked around on the Internet what speakers should I get for a long time. I have read many forums and everybody speak highly of Genelec. They are not cheap but worth it! More
May 2009

Mr AguilarLuis Aguilar is the winner of a pair of 8050A's in the 2008 Genelec Studio Competition - Congratulations!

Luis Aguilar from Guatemala reacalls: Well, my dream started when I was 15 (I am 33 now). I dreamed about making my own recordings because I couldn`t afford to make one. So I said, let’s work on it.
When I got married (26), I bought my first computer and a small Alesis console and after that I got my first DAW. Echo Layla 20 by then. Then I saved some money and I started to read on the internet about some studio monitors. More
May 2009
DBW studioDavid Wilts explains: Genelec monitors have changed my life, to put it mildly. I have been a musician since I was nine years old, starting on drums and adding guitar, bass, keys along the way.

Unlike actors who wait at tables, I was lucky enough to start mixing live sound at the age of 19. Mixing house for Public Enemy and Wynton Marsalis by the age of 20 and moving to New York (with Wynton's sage advice) at the age of 21.
As he said: "You may think LA is where all the bands get signed, but the checks are still signed in New York." More
April 2009
Valenca Home StudioMattias Valenca from Stockholm recalls: I remember the first time I listened to music through a decent pair of loudspeakers. I had just arrived at a music high school in Stockholm, and it was my first time in real a studio. I remember the sound being clear and very strong, unlike anything I had ever heard before. It was as if someone had taken away all the things that obscured the music.This experience was, unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, not with Genelecs. My experience with the speakers that produce sound as true as your own ears was yet to come. More
April 2009
Claes MarkbyClaes Markby from Helsingborg, Sweden, explains: Being a Hi-Fi nut since I was 16 years old, I have always been searching for the ultimate "perfect" sound.

I started way back in 1970 by importing JBL components and building S7 monitors. In 1995 I read an article in Studio Sound and got familiar with DCW and Genelec Engineering. The article was very well written and I was impressed. I ordered a pair of 1037A for test and tryout. They still are in my ownership! More
March 2009
Sonic ArtsBertram Knappitsch, student of Sonic Arts at Queen’s University in Belfast reports: the first time I was introduced to the sonic world of Genelec was during a CD production for an Austrian classical radio station. After sleepless nights, and days of hesitations over different professional speakers, I decided to get some beautiful 8040As. Probably the best decision I’ve ever made! More
March 2009
Dr HGabriel Hildebrandt from Hamburg explains: I am active in the House genre and went into music productions via deejaying. In the beginning average Hifi speakers were used, until I made too thin mixes, not particularly well-balanced. I searched and found manufacturers with countless monitors and at that time I loved already the Genelecs. Now I am a proud owner of Genelec 8040A and I regret only the late circumstances. More
March 2009
HungaryMárton Helényi from Budapest recalls: "First of all, I began recording my band with my PC to save money. I thought, I can make our own demo and it will be of a bearable quality. After I heard it few times, I could only hear the mistakes of the recording. These mistakes "forced" me to look after what I did wrong. This experience taught me how important the speakers I'm working with are." More

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