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Finding the right match for 5051A (aka F Two)

Guillermo Guirao Aguilar, modified 8 Months ago.

Finding the right match for 5051A (aka F Two)

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Hi all,

I have a 5051A subwoofer paired with two 8030B. I had a bigger studio before, but now I'm stuck between less than 3m from front to rear wall and this setup feels a bit oversized for the little room available. Listening distance is 1m and the monitors have the bass roll-off switch active. I was wondering whether it would be wise, under these circumstances, to replace both monitors with a smaller unit such as the 8010 and still have a balanced sound on all frequencies. That way I could use the 8030s in a different room without subwoofer, where I could actually take advantage of the rich bass they offer by themselves.

I imagine that shouldn't be a problem as long as the volume levels for the monitors and subwoofer are setup properly. My only concern is that the website specifically says that the F Two is "designed to complement up to five Genelec G One or G Two or a pair of Genelec G Three or G Four systems". Is there any reason why just two 8010s are not a good match for this subwoofer? Or even the 8020s? Perhaps not enough juice for so much bass?

How would the sound change with respect to the 8030 with bass tilt and bass roll-off active?