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Your goal at music video and skill play game ?

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I got a pair of 8020 genelecs. I made a unbalanced cable mini-jack to XLR (L-R). I dont know if this the best way to connect.

So my doubts:

1. What the best way to connect to sound card of PC. Unbalanced, Balanced cable?

2. Does it worth have some control system between PC (Sound Card output) ---> ?? ---> Genelecs ? If yes with kind?

3. My actual sound card is built-in motherboard. Any advised sound card?? 
My budget is very low! 100 USD at max. 
My goal is for general use, music, video and game playing.

RE: Your goal at music video and skill play game ?
10/31/18 6:01 PM as a reply to vincitytaymodaimo.

if you come from unbalanced sound card, it doesn't matter if you use balanced or unbalaced cable to connect the speaker.

usually you would insert a volume knob between source and speaker e.g. palmer monicon.


if you want a soundcard anyway, take one with a volume knob built in.

focusrite scarlet is very common. 100$ upwards, depending on number of in outputs.