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8.0 setup with 8330 and 8010

nahue, modified 6 Months ago.

8.0 setup with 8330 and 8010

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I have 4 8330 and 4 8010. Is it possible to use a 8.0 setup with these 8 monitors ? How could/should I configure it to compensate the difference of these 2 models, if there is some way ?

Thank you all !



lukester, modified 6 Months ago.

RE: 8.0 setup with 8330 and 8010

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This might not be an ideal combo.


8330 is digital, 8010 is analog.

With digital speakers and a GLM measuring kit, you can get Time of Flight correction for a specific area in the room.


So your setup isn't ideal for home/sofa use, if it's an exhibition without a predictable listening position, it doesn't matter.