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Genelec with GLM doesnt autostart
7/4/18 12:05 PM

When i start the PC Win10Pro the Genelecs are always OFF, or on a maximum volume

i have to start first the GLM 3.0 Software, then it works fine

i tested to save the volume and setting at the Monitore

i testet to chance the ISPP Power managment

but no luck - without starting the GLM Software - cant use my Genelec Monitors

3 x 8341 4x8330 1x 7350 with GLM 3.0 uptodate , windows 10 Pro

Any Idea?

RE: Genelec with GLM doesnt autostart
7/10/18 9:11 PM as a reply to 8k.

found it in the forum

"Some clarification on how the Genelec SAM system with GLM has been designed to work. 

If you power ON your speakers, with the network adapter connected to them and to the computer, the speakers will remain muted until you launch the GLM software. This is normal and a built in safety feature to prevent the system from starting up on full volume by accident. This is not the "stand alone" operational mode.

To start the speakers with the stored level in "stand alone" you need to have the GLM interface unplugged from the computer or connected to a USB power supply to be used only as a volume control.Best Regards, Markus Genelec Support Team"

... But still wondering why sometimes the Genelecs are maximum volume - if the GLM isnt recognized for a second - the save profil and volume on the speaker should work.

RE: Genelec with GLM doesnt autostart
7/11/18 1:58 PM as a reply to 8k.

you can take the maximum voulme down.

in glm -> group -> edit acoustics all-> Level and delay.


got mine at -12, could go even lower i think.

whatever happens now won't be nearly as bad.

i think self noise decreased as well. or maybe that was only on analog .

RE: Genelec with GLM doesnt autostart
9/14/18 8:40 AM as a reply to lukester.

thx lukester - that made it.