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Can the 8030 be in a 15 square meter room?

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I want to buy a pair of speakers.

The room is 3 meters wide and 5 meters long.

The speaker is placed on the side of 5 meters long.The listening distance is about 1.2 meters.

Will there be a problem with 8030? 

Thank you very much!

The listening distance is about 1.2 meters.

RE: Can the 8030 be in a 15 square meter room?
7/17/18 4:32 AM as a reply to wdb.

I think they will work just fine.

Dont know about your acoustics but some treatments never hurts ;)

RE: Can the 8030 be in a 15 square meter room?
7/23/18 10:03 AM as a reply to wdb.


It's funny that your setup is exactly same as my old one. My room is also very close in size, at 18m2.

In genelec monitor setup guide 2017 pdf-document the 8030 speaker is recommended for up to 75m2 rooms. The listening distance is somewhere between 0.75-3 meters. So you are OK with selecting 8030, and you can use the speaker EQ settings to make a good setup in your room! You may need to set the EQ from speaker control panel to decrease bass a little (at least -3db). Otherwise you probably get boomy bass that will affect your audio production decisions. At least in my room this was the case. And I did not have much acoustic treatment at all. So, GLM auto-calibration corrected this by decreasing bass 3-5 db.

I have now made some improvement in my room setup. You can look this picture to see my new setup. Mainly the placement of speakers and listening position is symmetrical inside the room.

PS: In the left side of image, green line means acoustic treatment (absorber depth 2cm) in the side walls at primary reflection points. This setup was really good sounding, it is the according to the way that genelec monitor setup guide recommends, unfortunately it does not leave much room for living so I had to change it. So I switched to the one you can see from the right side of image. It would be good if you can change your setup symmetrically to room center line.

RE: Can the 8030 be in a 15 square meter room?
7/26/18 11:23 AM as a reply to hj82.

they are big enough, but bigger is always better.


your problem is the room setup.

you wanna fire them symmetrically along the longer axis.

the setup in your drawing will always sound odd.