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ISS with SAM 8351 monitors and NAD M50.2

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My setup is pretty simple: a NAD M50.2 music server connected to the digital AES input of the 8351 SAM monitors. Volume control is through the Genelec 9310A remote volume controller via the GLM network adapter. I have selected ISS standby after 10 minutes but it doesn’t work when I put the NAD M50.2 to sleep. Switching it off entirely (not what I want) makes the monitor leds blink red. Any suggestions ?

Thank you.


RE: ISS with SAM 8351 monitors and NAD M50.2
7/16/18 8:19 PM as a reply to praeyma.
Putting your NAD M50.2 to sleep probably does not switch of the digital output entirely and as long as the 8351 detect a digital input (even with zero level) they will not go into standby mode. I am not sure why it is programmed in this way, probably someone from Genelec can comment on that.

RE: ISS with SAM 8351 monitors and NAD M50.2
7/17/18 4:28 AM as a reply to daiyama.

Mine does blink red too when I have shut off the GLM software & my preamp, this is normal with a digital signal, or the lack of it in this matter :) They should go to sleep or into ISS after the chosen time, atleast mine does. And yes you have to switch the GLM software + the amp/preamp etc. off if you want your genelecs to go into ISS.

Im pretty sure though that there will be a GLM update very soon that will improve the ISS sensitivity option. I dont think this is the case this time though but it might improve or let ISS work even in some sleep or standby modes with some amps/preamps/dacs etc.