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8341 / GLM mic issue..?

nouveausounds, modified 11 Months ago.

8341 / GLM mic issue..?

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I'm just trying out my new 8341's in my lounge prior to installing them in the studio, and am experiencing a couple of issues that could do with clarification....?

I have set them up on the GLM network with th calibrated mic after installing the GLM3 om the laptop. I noticed that when installing the GLM software, all the calibration files for the mics were installed as txt files..!

My mic was picked up by the SW when I opened the program, and the s/n displayed, etc.

However, it seems to be picking up a LOAD of background noise! using another calibrated meter, the anbient measures around 32dB: the mic / GLM is displaying 65-75dB!?

When I completed the calibration, the measured level at listening position is around 80dB when listeningto music with the GLM "slider" on 0dB, but the ACTUAL level in-room seems a lot lower than that, in reality?


Is there a way to either relaod the cal file, or at least check that it is being taken into account by the s/w?


Also, following initial calibration, I updated the firmware for the GLM, and then got the "high background noise" message when I went to re-cal?

I uninstalled GLM, deleted my first group, etc, and started from scratch: the high background message was gone and it let me auto-cal ok, but the measured b/g level in ambient is still 65-75dB.....


Please advise, as this is doing my head in: I cannot trust what I'm seeing / hearing.... ;-(


But the 8341's are potentially going to be great, when I get them firing on all cylinders....!

nouveausounds, modified 11 Months ago.

RE: 8341 / GLM mic issue..?

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I think I have sorted this: I reconnected the mic several times, and it now shows 45-50db..still a bit high, but it IS stable-ish now!

Relating to my "levels" post, I can obviously increase the main input level to the monitors.

This was initially confusing as the level is controlled by the main screen slider, and the input for the calibration goes to the monitors through the network cable , NOT the main inputs, so the cal levels are set in a "closed loop" type of setup.


So I can simply auto-cal, then set the input level from the desk / DAC manually afterwards...simples!


Teething problems...but the monitors are!