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8341 levels?
8/10/18 2:47 PM

Is it possible to calibrate the monitors to a level of 85dB with the GLM slider at 0dB (full). 

I'm thinking it is, but the "default" appears to be 80dB after auto-cal?

My thinking is that if I raise the physical on-monitor input level pot I will be able to set this....?

...but referring to my previous post, maybe this is connected to a dodgy mic cal file, and it SHOULD be higher even with the monitors set to the default -6dB....?


Confused! Please help?

RE: 8341 levels?
1/21/19 11:44 AM as a reply to nouveausounds.


Sorry for late reply! If you still have a problem with the calibration, please contact us directly at support(at) for support.

Best Regards,
Jani Oksanen
Customer Support Team