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GLM3 Crashes When Trying to Save/Open, modified 10 Months ago.

GLM3 Crashes When Trying to Save/Open

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Hi All,

I am running the latest version of macOS (10.13.6) and I believe the latest version of GLM3 (3.0.0 Build 127). Whenever I try to save or open a setup, as soon as I hit "save" or "open" in the finder window that pops up, GLM3 Crashes. Upon reopening the program and checking the save location in the finder, setups are neither saved or loaded. Attached is the Problem Report that appears after GLM crashes.

I have tried reinstalling GLM3 and reverting back to GLM2 and both have not worked.

Has anyone had a similar issue/found a solution? This is frustrating because I'm trying to create a new user, and because I can't save or load a preset, GLM is indefinitely stuck on creating a new setup.

Thanks for the help!



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RE: GLM3 Crashes When Trying to Save/Open

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The folder GLM save the GLM calibration is ~/Documents/Genelec/GLM3. Can you find this folder?

Could you please contact us to with this information and we can give you further instructions!

Best Regards,
Jani Oksanen
Customer Support Team