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GLM 3.0 wrong target for correction??

matthew, modified 10 Months ago.

GLM 3.0 wrong target for correction??

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today I watched a Video - Warren Huart - Produce like a pro. Just for fun and i found a video regarding GLM.

I also own a pair of 8351 and GLM behaves much different in this room compared to mine.

This is the link to the video:


I took some snapshots and attached them here.

PICTURE A shows what GLM does in the video. The target point (0db) for the correction is so low, that the software corrects just the peaks of the room issues. Which is very good cause correction is only possible with cutting frequency.


PICTURE B shows what GLM does in my room. It sets the target (0db) line anywhere in between the peaks and nulls. So the correction works not as good - cause it does not bring the peaks down wide enough to get a good relation to the nulls. 

I for example have a nasty floor bounce in my room. everthing is flat after proper treatment but the floor bounce creates a null of around 4-5 db around 150 hz. 

To correct this - i simply bring down everthing (30 - 140 hz and 160 - 20000 Hz) around this dip ca 3 db and everthing is flat. It would be much easier if i can set the target point just 5 db lower and GLM would bring down everthing by itself. And in the video this seems to be the case...


Do i miss an option here where i can set this up that GLM behaves in my room also like in the video? 




jani-oksanen, modified 10 Months ago.

RE: GLM 3.0 wrong target for correction??

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Hi Matthew,

Could you please send us your GLM calibration setup to our e-mail so we can take look at it? Send it to e-mail, and you can add the setup by going to Help | Export Setup to Desktop and attaching the .zip file from your desktop to the e-mail.

We will get back to you soon after receiving the file. Thank you!

Best Regards,
Jani Oksanen
Customer Support Team