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Monitor distance from wall

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Monitor distance from wall
8/27/18 1:24 PM


Referring to:

"Alternatively, one could move the monitor considerably far away from the wall:
the cancellation frequency moves below the low frequency cut-off of the monitor.
When the monitor moves away from the walls, it also moves close to the listener.
This increases the direct sound level and reduces the reflected sound level, and
this also improves sound quality."


How far is far in terms in meter?

If I'm listening @ 0.5m distance:
1. Do I still need to place the monitor less than 0.6m front from the wall?
2. Does the frequency cancellation still happens?


RE: Monitor distance from wall
8/27/18 8:28 PM as a reply to lvy.

you will always have cancellations.

what canellations happen at what distance becomes apparent if you look at audio wavelengts.

when a reflection cancels the direct sound from the speaker, you're in trouble.


genelec advice is: tops in room but subs at walls corners.

that way no speaker produces cancellation with the wall behind it, which is particullarry nasty.

you still get them from all other sides. and this way you excite room modes the most.


genelec manual advice is absolutely valid, maybe more in the studio, i guess this is better for your: