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Standard loudness SPL calibration

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Standard loudness SPL calibration
9/13/18 8:43 PM

My question is: how should I use the EBU R128 standard loudness level calibration feature inside GLM 3.0?

I would like to monitor at around 73 db SPL level.

After I do this calibration inside GLM, I end up with very low listening levels. Infact it is impossible to listen at 73 db SPL on some sources, because with Windows volume and program/software volume are both set to 100% and even then the Microphone Level value does not reach 73 db SPL at monitoring position.

During calibration, I can only select one monitor at a time, should I run it once for each monitor? Also during calibration the pink noise levels that come from speakers are not loud at all (manual says these noises might be loud).

Best regards, harri

RE: Standard loudness SPL calibration
9/15/18 10:00 AM as a reply to hj82.

Using "EBU-reference_listening_signal_pinknoise_500Hz_2kHz_R128.wav" file at -23db LUFS and having calibrated speaker levels to Master level of 73 dB SPL

Then I get only about 60 dB SPL Microphone level at listening position. With windows volume at 100%.


Update: Actually there are three options for selecting Gain at RME soundcard settings: -10 dBV / +4 dBu / Hi gain

Reference 0 dBFS @   Headroom

Hi Gain

+4 dBu

-10 dBV

+19 dBu

 +13 dBu

 +2 dBV

 15 dB

 9 dB

12 dB


When I choose "Hi gain" option then Microphone level is 72 dB at listening position using the reference signal .wav file