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GLM 3 without internet connection.

skypt3, modified 9 Months ago.

GLM 3 without internet connection.

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Good morning,
I encounter problems using the GLM 3 software on a Mac Pro with High Sierra and without an internet connection. If I start the software without Internet connection GLM3 struggles to start and freezes continuously and does not respond to any command. If i connect the Mac to internet the application start instantaneously without any slowdown.

In both cases I can not select with the right mouse button any of the components, the menus opens and closes immediatly.

Obviously i can not connect my Mac to internet for company restriction.


Nobody, modified 9 Months ago.

RE: GLM 3 without internet connection.

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Did you have the GLM cloud enabled? Try disabling that while you have network connection and then try starting without network.

I can confirm the same user interface issue with the right mouse clicks. Also the UI is behaving really strangely most of the time. When GLM is opening new tabs for instance when double clicking one of the speakers, sometimes the opended tab opens in a new window instead of the same, and that totally messes up the window behaviour. The opened tabs in the new window do not close even when closed using the [x] button at the tab bar, or the 'Confirm Settings' button. They still stay visible but are not accessible any more. And if you close the whole window, sometimes the only option is to kill the program and restart, because the main UI has disappeared somewhere.

Also, when the tabs open at the main window and when those tabs are closed so that only one tab remains (the startup screen), the buttons in that screen are misaligned about the size of the tab header. The effect is seen when hovering over those buttons with mouse and black areas are displayed above the visual buttons and in order to press the button, you have to click on the black spot instead of where the button visually seems to be.

To be honest, the current GLM Mac version is pretty horrible to use.