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Advice regarding home theatre setup

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Advice regarding home theatre setup

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hi, everyone I am upgrading my Hometheater .   I plan to have 16 channel setup useing Trinnov amplitude32 processor with Genelec speakers. Dedicated ht  Room size 23feet x 13feet x10 fully acoustic treated with 150inch diagonal acoustic screen. Q1)LCR: s360 or 1238. Q2) surrounds sides and back : 8350Aor 8351A. Q3) height(6 no.) 8330A or 8340A.   Q4) or all surround and height 8330/8340.  Q5) subs already own a new pair of SVS pb4000 so should I use them or go for Genelec sub 2x 7370.







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RE: Advice regarding home theatre setup

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Check out this thread if you already havent:

You probably mean that you need the Altitude 32 (Altitude32-816) from Trinnov, not the Amplitude.

I would go for the 1238A or 1238AC as LCR. 8350A/8351A will work fine as surround/surround back. Both the 8330A & 8340A will also be fine as height surrounds.

Those SVS subs might work but if I were you I would go Genelec all the way :)7370A or 7380A's!