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8040B and 7350A

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8040B and 7350A

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I'm a master student in an art university and I'm trying to use the stuff they bought correctly, even though they probably got it wrong in the begining.

So they bought a few Genelecs, those which are available to me are a pair of 8040B and a 7350A subwoofer. Now to the question of why they bought a SAM serie I still have not the answer, since there is no other SAM monitors available in the university's shop (only the old 103x and a few 8020). Also they didn't get the GLM controller so there is no way to set up the sub even manually (right ?). 

I'm setting up a listening environnment (not a studio), it doesn't need to be perfectly calibrated, but do you have any advice on how I could set it up correctly (dBU on the 8040 ?) ? I will be doing some test with a measurment microphone next week and REW. 


Thank you



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RE: 8040B and 7350A

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Hard to say without more info of the room but here is a setup guide for the 7050c. Will work with the 7350 also, but I strongly recommend to get the GLM 2.0 adapter for setting up a better response for the subwoofer with Autocal/Autophase. I also pasted the Quick setup guide for the 8040's. Hope this helps.