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AD/DA converters in 8330A

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AD/DA converters in 8330A

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Is any more specific information available about the AD/DA converters used in the Genelec 8330a (or 8320, 8340)? Like the dynamic range or THD+N?

I am wondering, whether I should rather go with an all analog monitor for minimum loss of audio quality in the conversion, if I have premium converters (Apogee Symphony mkII) in use already. 

The crossover done in the digital domain and SAM room corrections may of course be of greater benefit than conversion properties in real use, or what do you think? Anyhow, I am interested just in theoretical level about the AD/DA.


jani-oksanen, modified 7 Months ago.

RE: AD/DA converters in 8330A

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Genelec specifies the total harmonic distortion for the whole monitoring system, from the input to the output, in two frequency bands. This information can be found from end of the manual of each model on the "system specification" part. I'm sorry but more accurate information is confidential.

Harmonic distortion at 85 dB SPL on axis (8330A)          50...100 Hz<2 % >100 Hz<0.5 %

I would recommend to use digital signal and SAM room correction, instead of pure analog, but of course everyone can have own opinions and in the end what sounds the best is the option to go. :)

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