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Genelec Speakers 6010a voltage question

maxmatthewsmusic, modified 8 Months ago.

Genelec Speakers 6010a voltage question

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Hey Genelec community,
I recently returned from California where I was working for the past few months and brought home with me a pair of Genelec 6010a speakers (
Unfortunately voltage didn't occur to me at the time and on the back of the devices it reads:
Mains Input
50 / 60 Hz 35 W 120V.
Is there anything recommended so that I can use these speakers on a consistent/permanent basis ?
All the best
jani-oksanen, modified 8 Months ago.

RE: Genelec Speakers 6010a voltage question

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Hi Max,

Sorry for late reply! To use 120V -version in 230V, you would need a step up transformer because you need to convert the 110V AC voltage to 230 volts. You can use a single transformer for a pair of speakers. For a pair of 6010A speakers it should have a power rating of at least 140 VA. We don't have any recommendations for brand or model. There will be no sound quality loss.


Best Regards,
Jani Oksanen
Customer Support Team