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8320A blinking in sleep-mode

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8320A blinking in sleep-mode

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Just acquired a set of 8320A for desktop use. I updated the lates firmware and set on the automatic power saving. When the monitors go to sleep there is a sparsely blinking green led light every 5 to 10 seconds or so. Is this normal and intended? I never ever experienced this behavior with 1237A as their leds are totally dead when in sleep. Otherwise these 8320As seem to be functioning as supposed but the in-sleep infrequent green blink concerns me. I also tried disconnecting all but powercable and the blinking is still persistent when they go to sleep-mode.


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RE: 8320A blinking in sleep-mode

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Hi, my 8330 are blinking in sleeping mode, too. While the 8351 are not blinking. On the 8320/8330 the blinking is intended to signalize, that the power saving mode is activated, I guess.
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RE: 8320A blinking in sleep-mode

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yeah, it's normal. and yes, not all models do it.


i find it charming actually, in the beinning they blink is sync.

the next morning they blink alternatingly. just like me ;)