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Different Genelecs in home theatre setup

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Different Genelecs in home theatre setup

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I am "still" setting up home theather and got question for Genelec people. I know that we always achieve best possible sound if all the home theatre speakers are same model but it isnt possible in my case. I have plans that main speakers will be either 1237a or 1238a. I already own 8240 speakers (for back or side) and got plans to get affordable 1032C for other satelite speakers. My question is that do you see technically problems if setup includes 8000 and 1000 series speakers or 123x and 1032C? Is there differences which could affect to sound in overall? Does 1032C integrate with 123x series without problems? Or should I replace 8240 speakers with 1032C?


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RE: Different Genelecs in home theatre setup

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naw, you can mix all digital speakers, no problem.

you can keep your 8240.

analog (class A/B) amplified sounds different from digital pure class D speakers.

but i doubt even that would be an issue in your use case.