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indicator light on/off

uloe, modified 7 Months ago.

indicator light on/off

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HI, I recently updated the GLM Version and happily found the on/off switch for the indicator light. 

After turning the light off, I noticed that this is not ok for me. My pre-Amp is not visible in the wardrobe. So... when my equipment is switched on, I can*t see any indicator anymore. In the past it was the indicator of my genelecs-unfortunately too bright.  But now... everything is dark. 

This leads to my wish: Please put a dim-option to the indicator switch. Something like "indicator bright, indicator light, indicator off". Thanks!

jani-oksanen, modified 7 Months ago.

RE: indicator light on/off

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Thank you for your feedback. I have forwarded your feedback to our GLM developers.

Best Regards,
Jani Oksanen
Customer Support Team