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Multiple volume controls

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Multiple volume controls

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I have 2 x G3 (B) and one (recently bought) F Two woofer. The G3s are connected with XLR to the F Two. I also have a preamp that is connected to the F Two via RCA.

The preamp has its own volume control and the F Two also has a volume control. This confuses me. I would like to continue using my preamp as 'volume controller' but what should the volume be on F Two then? I would have imagined that the F Two had some dip switch disabling the built in volume controller in the F Two (making "line in" just "line in"), but there isn't one afaik.

The F Two manual mentions the "LINK IN"-switch if I have multiple subwoofers, so that the slave woofer doesn't react to own volume control. Could this be it?

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RE: Multiple volume controls

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Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for late reply. You can set the volume to "max" with the subwoofer remote, which means you can adjust the volume from pre-amplifier. The subwoofer will remember the volume, even if you unplug it from the power plug, so you do not need the F2 remote controller in that case.

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