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1032 bass woofer issue

bram.van.bergen, modified 6 Months ago.

1032 bass woofer issue

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Hello there,


I have old set of 1032's (serial 210 and 211) witch i love to death. I have never had any problems until recently. 


On one of the monitors the bass woofer stops sometime out of nowhere. Without apparent reason. When i play them very loud they sometime jump back and work again, other times i have to give the amp board a little bang. 


Does anyone recognize this problem? or have a solution. 


Best regards, Bram


jani-oksanen, modified 5 Months ago.

RE: 1032 bass woofer issue

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Hi Bram,

Sorry for late reply. It sounds like there could be a dry joint or the cable connector would need some cleaning. It would be best to have the monitors be checked by our distributor and authorized service. You can find their contact information from link below:

Best Regards,
Jani Oksanen
Customer Support Team