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G One F One Stereo System Remote Control

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Hi Guys,
Today i open the box for installing the system but i have a problem with the poor remote control .
The remote control won't pair with the subwoofer and after 2 hours of tryng i have discovered the problem :
Tha battery of the remote control have a contact problem inside .... after contacting the italian distributor for ask the replacement of the unit i though ? Why Genelec adopt this new poor system and not the old rotary remote control ?

Re: G One F One Stereo System Remote Control
2/4/16 7:13 AM as a reply to fabiotto70.

Sorry to hear about your problems! Actually the remote doesn't need to paired with the device unless you are using multiple devices (for example another similar subwoofer) in the same room which means that the same remote would then affect both of them. Have you opened up the battery lid (for example with a coin) and checked that the battery is properly installed?

Re: G One F One Stereo System Remote Control
5/3/16 6:23 AM as a reply to fabiotto70.
Had the same problem with one remote, the glue which held the battery casing didnt hold long. It did work but the battery and its casing allways came loose. Bought a new one. (New glue might have helped.. :) )
The remote could for sure be a little better quality.
The 9310 quality is way better but you cant use it the same time as the remote, atleast in glm 2.0.
I dont have a problem with this because I have an amp but im sure others using Digital signals would have using tv,s or some inputs