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HELP... Acoustic treatment and speaker settings

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HELP... Acoustic treatment and speaker settings

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Hi everyone, i recently bought a set of genelec 8040's. Amazing speaker. My room is very small and my speakers sit in the corners. I treated the corners with bass traps (home made with 5inchs of fiberglass board) I also treated the early reflection points (side walls and ceiling) with acoustic foam.

Now that my rooms been fairly well treated acoustic wise what settings do i put my speakers onto?

When i first got my speakers the quick set up manual advised to me tune on the bass roll off 2, and bass tilt 2.

I have drawn a very rough sketch if that helps. Room size is 6 feet 2 inches by 10 feet 5 inches. Approx 8 feet ceiling height.

Thanks for in advance for any advise you can give :)
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Re: HELP... Acoustic treatment and speaker settings

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In order to determine accurate room response settings, you will need to obtain acoustical frequency response measurement of your system. Otherwise it's impossible to give any definitive recommendations.

Other possibility is to tune it by ear, but that requires a set of very accurate ears and music that you have heard through a good (flat) system.
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RE: Re: HELP... Acoustic treatment and speaker settings

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For acoustic treatment, you can have information here: The acoustic treatment panel has been designed and tested in acoustics laboratory, so the sound absorption curves for each panel thickness are very predictable. The result is a series of products that can improve the acoustic performance of any public space.