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speaker positioning in unusually shaped room

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I Just invested in a pair of 8330a's with GLM. I have some very basic understanding of how room acoustics work but I would really appreciate some advice on positioning my speakers optimally.

The floor surface of my room is roughly 3,7m X 7,2m. However, the ceilings are slanted along the length of the room, with around 2 meters of flat ceiling in the middle. The slanted ceilings start at the height of 70cm on both sides of the room. 

For the time being I have almost no acoustic treatment in the room but I plan to change that in the future once I establish the optimal positioning for my desk and monitors. (mixing & production work). My old setup was in the middle of the room with the desk up against one of the long walls. After getting the new 8330's I moved my desk to face the length of the room in such a way that I am facing towards the slanting ceiling, with the desk roughly at the first third of the length of the room. I figured this would be a better solution as from what I understand it is preferrable to have the speakers as far away as possible from the opposing wall. I could not have the desk very far in the end of the room because when the ceiling came down right behind the speakers I experienced a *LOT* of low-mid resonance. With my current positioning the GLM corrected for a considerable amount of resonance around 500hz, but I am experiencing very little bass (according to GLM it falls off after 80hz), which I'm sure could be fixed by moving my desk to the original spot so that the speakers are next to a wall. My question is: are the acoustical drawbacks of having the monitors up against the longer wall worth it in order to get proper bass response and then relying on GLM to work around the issues? If not, do you have any suggestions to improve the bass response (for example, I thought about placing something right behind the speakers in the low end of the room, such as a DYI rockwool filled IKEA bookshelves)? I really appreciate any advice, maybe there is a better place to put my desk that I never considered. I would really like to find the optimal arrangement so that I could start enjoying my new Genelec's and think of further acoustic treatment.

Thank you in advance!

RE: speaker positioning in unusually shaped room
4/9/18 5:38 PM as a reply to tstolt.
I moved the speakers back to the position I used with my old setup. The 500hz resonance moved down to a much slimmer but also louder (almost +13db peak) at 110hz, which the calibration corrected. My lowest bass response (-3db) went from 80hz all the way down to 30hz. It feels like I just added a properly tuned sub to the setup, such amazing monitors.