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GLM Autocal 1.5 problem with 8200-416B

anttijohannes, modified 3 Months ago.

GLM Autocal 1.5 problem with 8200-416B

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1.5 autocal software, win10 home 64bit, 8200-416B and pair of 8260’s:

- Speakers are identified, get white noise and slider works ok

- But: when trying to get autocal process started I get texts on green ”recording error, error closing recording device, input calibration failed”. And also pop up box check cabling from network to pc etc. Using ”genelec sound car - recommended”.

I’ve checked all windows options, They seem ok, and according to win mic is working and shows response in bar when testing mic, but autocal process doesn’t run. What to do? Thanks!



lukester, modified 3 Months ago.

RE: GLM Autocal 1.5 problem with 8200-416B

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you need to connect the GLM microphone to the GLM box, not to your computer's mic input.

Wouldn't hurt to update GLM.