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Using TWO 7270's in a multi-channel system?

tklaavo, modified 1 Month ago.

Using TWO 7270's in a multi-channel system?

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Hi, we have a nice post production room with 7.1 monitoring: LCR are 8351A:s, surrounds are 4 x 8240A's, and the sub is 7270A. SAM is in use, of course. Audio wiring is AES/EBU. I've studied the bass management info about mixing distributed and non-distributed systems and the setup seems to work as it should, even though the sub is "one size too small". The system has enough headroom for the levels that we play.

We're possibly going to upgrade to Dolby Atmos monitoring in the future, which means adding four ceiling speakers to a total of 7.1.4. We might be able to get another second-hand 7270A as well, which would be nice as we'd like to stay in AES/EBU wiring for practical reasons.

Would it make sense to put in another sub and route the height channels through it to get full range? Is it possible to daisy-chain only the LFE channel to both subs at the same time? Or should we get something like the 9301 interface to route all AES/EBU channels through both subs?

Thanks in advance,

Tuomas Klaavo