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2x 8340A + 7270 sub capabilities

rubensdb, modified 27 Days ago.

2x 8340A + 7270 sub capabilities

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Hi, I own a couple of 8340s and have the chance of getting a sub 7270 at a good price but have a couple of questions about it...


1. I see that 7270 is only working as digital (not possible analog connection) via AES/EBU connections. Am I able to use GLM (new version) with os3 or os4beta with that system (7270)?

Im asking this becouse in the especifications of the GLM System says that works with 73... sub series and don’t know anything about 72... sub series in that point.

2. If question n1 is affirmative...They will be digitaly powered by an RME Fireface 800 which have 1x SPDIF IN and 1x SPDIF OUT connectors.


Do you think there’ll be any problem feeding them with this with an appropriate digital 110ohm cable or should I use a digital converter between them?

Thank you very much in advance.