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Home Studio Monitoring Advice

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Hi guys,

I have moved my mixing room to my home, and the room is roughly 31 cubic metres. (2.7m W x 4.7m L x 2.4m H).

I have EVENT OPALS and they feel like they might be too much for the small space. No matter how I place my equilateral triangle in the room, I can't get away from having big 15-25db nulls in the 60-100hz range. I already have the space quite heavily treated. Measuring one speaker at a time, I can find placements that yield a quite flat response below 100hz, But never in stereo.

This leads me to consider getting smaller speakers with a sub, so I can position the sub to get the desired bass response, and then have the stereo monitors positioned accordingly. 

Am I thinking the right thing?

Which genelec combo would you all reccomend for a room this size? perhaps 8020/8030 with a 7050? 

Thanks in advance!


jani-oksanen, modified 2 Years ago.

RE: Home Studio Monitoring Advice

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Hi Andrew,

If you have trouble with the room acoustics, I would recommend you 8320A or 8330A with 7350A subwoofer. The benefits of these models vs 8020/8030/7050 is that you can calibrate them with GLM software so your monitors will adapt to your room.

You can find more information about GLM from link below:

Best Regards,
Jani Oksanen
Factory Service Team