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1032a calibration and matching

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1032a calibration and matching

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Hello guys,

I am new to Genelec speakers and am happy to have added to my studio a pair of 1032a monitors. I picked them up in London second hand last week and upon testing them they sounded great. As soon as I installed them in my studio in Athens I noticed a matching/calibration issue. They appear very unbalanced.  There is more volume coming from one of the monitors. More body as a whole is very apparent in the sound on one side. I have tried switching cables and also monitors on the same outputs to check if it was an input issue but is definitely the speaker. Is there something I'm missing here? I have the sensitivity set full clickwise at -6dbu and am not sure what I should do to balance and calibrate them efficiently. I am used to active monitors with detented trim controls. I'd appreciate some help and advice from anyone with some ideas. 


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RE: 1032a calibration and matching

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Have you checked the DIP-switches positions? They also effect on the stereo imaging. If you think there could be something wrong on the monitors, please contact our distributor and authorized service in London to have your monitors checked.

You can find their contact information below:

Source Distribution Ltd
Address             Unit A, 23 – 25 Sunbeam Road, NW10 6JP
                           London, United Kingdom
Tel                      020 8962 5080


Best Regards,
Jani Oksanen
Factory Service Team