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Two questions concerning new installation.

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Two questions concerning new installation.

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First time Genelec user here. My first impressions are overwhelmingly positive. I just got my 5.1 System with GLM set up today. Five 8330a’s and 7360a sub. Setup and calibration went smoothly. Two quick questions:

1. SAM didn’t ask for a GLM microphone serial number. Should I confirm and recalibrate?

2. Due to a space configuration, I needed to turn the 7360 on its side on the floor. Are there any concerns with this? (Ventilation, performance, etc.)






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RE: Two questions concerning new installation.

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Hi Fred,


congrats on the new system, i'd recalibrate but check that your serial # is already entered??

Placing the sub on its side is OK, just dont have the port pointing to the floor...