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speaker's quality and power cable

duckfuss, modified 2 Years ago.

speaker's quality and power cable

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I bought 8331 and gml kit today. and here is my question.
Is the quality of genelec's power cable good? If I use a good quality cable from other company, does the sound quality of the speakers get better? of different??
markus-kahelin, modified 2 Years ago.

RE: speaker's quality and power cable

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The mains power cable has no effect on the sound quality of the Genelec product. as long as the cable is safe to use and has sufficient length to reach the power socket. The overall length of the mains cable from the powerplant to your house and wiring inside the house is in total much more than the last few meters before the device. All Genelec products have a power supply built in to the product, that has been designed to supply the needed operating voltages for the electronics and to eliminate any mains power related interferences. We do advice all products with a 3-pin mains power connection to be connected to a 3-pins safety grounded mains outlet. even this is more important for the overall specified electric safety requirements than the acoustic output quality. You can use your Genelec system with the original power cable and enjoy the best possible sound quality!


Best Regards, Markus

Genelec Support Team